767 Industries Graphic Design

Welcome and thank you for visiting our page and business. This site was created to both show case some of our best designs, but to also show our WordPress abilities. 767 Industries is a family business that my husband and I started in 2019. Although we are a new company our skills have been described as blessed by the most high. Our speed and attention to detail is unmatched. Some projects were done in less than an hour. We have superior dedication to our customers and give each design a personal touch.

Lead Artist

My name is Rebbecca Bhat Yisreal. I am an author, a mother, a wife, a business owner and an artist. My husband, Mattityahu, and I share this business. We have been married 5 years and have two beautiful daughters. I have always enjoyed drawing, and I converted this gift to fill a need of a friend that needed a cover for a book in 2017. I have been expanding my skills ever since. I am almost done with a associates degree in computer systems administrator. Once I am done, I will start on a bachelor of arts in information technology. I have always had a gift for computers. All my graphic design learning was hands on. I spent hours and many late nights learning programs and studying websites to give my customers the best and fastest experience. I have been a creative director for a non profit publishing company. I have created websites for business. I have written and illustrated my own books. I have created book covers and flyers and social media banners.

Let’s create something together to boost your business to the next level. http://767industries.com